Fresh Hydrating Mist™



• Hydrating
• Soothing
• Nourishing

More than an ordinary toner, this hydrating and refreshing formula contains beautiful, active botanicals to address inflammation and sluggish cellular turnover, which is a leading cause of aging skin. Organic ingredients such as white willow bark, sugar cane, bilberry, lemon peel, and cranberry are loaded with age-defying, antioxidant actives. Perfect for all skin types, mist frequently for beautiful, hydrated skin!

Did you know mint contains salicylic acid, has strong antibacterial properties, and is perfect for all skin types? It also contains Vitamin A, which controls the secretion of oil in acne-prone skin types. The application of this formula cools and calms inflamed skin, supports cellular regeneration, and cleanses pores to help control acne.

Directions: May be used after cleansing before serums and creams, or anytime through the day to freshen and hydrate skin. Close your eyes before misting face.
– Tip # 1: Can be used to set makeup.
– Tip #2: Store in refrigerator or cooler for a refreshing mist on a hot summer day.