About Botanical Rush

Created by the founder of MyChelle Dermaceuticals

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Botanical Rush Story

Dedicated to always seeking out the best in proven, natural ingredients to support healthy aging and beautiful skin, Myra Michelle transformed the natural beauty industry offering the first non-toxic skin care with Mychelle Dermaceuticals formulas. Today she is the founder of Botanical Rush and again the first setting a standard in the evolution of extraordinary skin care… we are Botanical Rush.

Who we are

We are a woman owned and operated consumer advocate skin care company based out of Frisco, Colorado with a satellite office and distribution center in Boulder, Colorado. We believe in the human body and have tremendous respect for the complex process that it needs to perform at an optimum level each day.

Botanical Rush is the pioneer and leading authority on blending the most effective, high-potency peptides and plant stem cells with unparalleled botanical oils, terpenes, and extracts in harmony with organic full spectrum hemp cannabinoids for healthy skin. The first to use high potency, full spectrum hemp cannabinoids with other clinically proven bioactives, always avoiding harsh chemicals, estrogen mimickers, and artificial fragrances. We believe your skin, and the environment, deserve only pure, proven, non-toxic ingredients to nourish and support optimum health.

We also know how a healthy, beautiful reflection can set the tone for the day, and we are here to help make that happen every day.

About the Founder

Beauty Expert and Healthy Aging Coach Myra Michelle Mesko, formerly Eby, has been enthusiastically involved in the health and wellness industry as a teenager since 1980. As a long time consumer advocate and founder of MyChelle Dermaceuticals, LLC, Myra Michelle is credited for raising the bar in the natural skin care industry long before the onset of eco-friendly and cruelty free awareness; creating a highly successful complete line of non-toxic, efficacious formulas for conscientious consumers to enjoy.

Myra Michelle has long been intrigued by epigenetics, and the notion that we can change the way our genes express themselves through diet, exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle. Sign up for her monthly newsletter to help you on your path to extraordinary living. She will be sharing healthy living recipes, skin care advice, and much more.

Our Mission

To produce bioactive formulas based on pure, clinically proven and cell receptor ready nutrients which provide unparalleled, real results. All Botanical Rush formulas are gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, cruelty-free, and free of GMOs (genetically modified organisms), phthalates, parabens, sulfates, ureas, artificial fragrances & colors, and petroleum.

Compassionate Company

We do not condone, tolerate or support animal abuse of any kind, including animal testing. On the contrary, we support and donate funds to organizations such as ASPCA, local animal shelters, horse rescue groups, and ocean clean-up through 4OCEAN. We encourage a vegetarian diet with NON GMO, organically grown produce, grains, and legumes. If you chose to consume dairy or meat, please choose humanely, pasture raised, and grass fed options.