Defend Your Skin: High-Tech Protection from Digital Pollution

Most of us know the dangers that excess sun exposure poses to the skin, but did you
know working from an office or home exposes you to skin damage caused by your
electronic devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets, televisions, and even LED
lights? Shocking, right?? It’s called blue light, also known in the scientific community
as High Energy Visible light (HEV). Blue light is the new aging culprit stemming from our
high tech, contemporary lifestyle.

What is blue light?
Blue light has a wavelength of 390nm-500nm compared to the wavelength of the sun’s
UV rays which are 100nm-400nm. Therefore, blue light has the potential to penetrate
deeper into the dermal layers of the skin, generating reactive oxygen molecules (ROS)
which can cause oxidative damage and photoaging of the skin. ROS in the skin can
accelerate visible signs of aging. They not only damage collagen in the skin, but they
also inhibit any restorative production, leading to diminished structural integrity of the
skin. Inevitably, fine lines and wrinkles follow as loss of elasticity and firmness of the
skin set in.

What to do?
Infuse your skin with powerful, nourishing skincare, especially Vitamin C! Vitamin C has
been shown to repair skin and bolster its immune function while supporting collagen
production and assisting healing (must be at least 10% potency). 14% C Perfection
 has a therapeutic punch of L-Ascorbic Acid (Vit C) to help offset the potential
damage you may be exposed to on a daily basis.

I also suggest using a mineral sun block to reflect the blue light glaring at you most of
the waking hours. Great protection for outside and inside. Botanical Rush offers a
Tinted SPF 30 in three shades: light, medium, and dark.

Lastly, I recommend wearing blue light reflective glasses to protect your eyes. Blue light
can degenerate our valuable macula. You can find these glasses in many different
styles and even in magnifications for reading glasses.

Written by Myra Mesko

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