Vitamin C For Radiant, Healthy Skin

When you're building a skincare routine, there are a lot of ingredients to consider. Among the options, one of them is widely regarded as a superstar, namely Vitamin C. Vitamin C not only helps your skin look better, it supports its health, so your skin thrives. If you're ready to see what Vitamin C can do for your skin, here's what you need to know about how it can work for you.

How Vitamin C Serums are Applied

All of the potent effects of Vitamin C won't do your skin much good if it doesn't get where it needs to go. To ensure that this superhero ingredient absorbs effectively, follow a few application steps.

It works best if you add it to your morning routine, in part because it gives you an extra dose of protection from the sun. Start with freshly washed skin and pat it dry. Cleansing the skin removes impurities that could prevent the serum from being absorbed into the skin.

Use a professional strength formula, such as our C Perfection Serum, and apply it to the skin in light, gentle strokes. Our packaging features an airtight, calibrated pump to help ensure oxygen does not get in and neutralizes the Vitamin C and that you use just enough product without wasting any excess. Apply one to two pumps and smooth it over your face and neck.

Do I apply Vitamin C Serum Before or After Moisturizer?

Because most serums have a thinner texture than other skincare products, they absorb quickly into the skin, especially our C Perfection Serum with a low pH. Moisturizers are the final step before makeup or a tinted SPF in a skincare program due to their heavier consistencies.

To ensure that your skin gets the full dose of Vitamin C, apply your serum first. Follow with a moisturizer that adds additional nutrients to keep your skin well-nourished. Finally, finish your routine with a good sun protection formula; we suggest a mineral formula to reflect harmful UV & blue light from computer screens and LED lights.

Vitamin C Serum and Its Benefits

The powerful antioxidant activity of Vitamin C makes it a wonder-worker for the skin. "Antioxidant" means that it reverses the damage caused by free radicals, which are unstable molecules that are created when you are exposed to toxic substances such as pollution, cigarette smoke, excess alcohol and UV radiation, and even emotional stress. Topically applied professional strength Vitamin C formulas have been shown to brighten skin, support healing and immune function, and support collagen production. In addition, excess sugar and lack of quality sleep also contribute to free radical production by the body, so eat a balanced diet and get your quality sleep.

Although it's mostly valued for anti-aging effects, Vitamin C can also help stressed acne-prone skin look and feel better. The redness and scarring associated with acne is caused by inflammation. Vitamin C works with your skin’s immune system to reduce this inflammation, making your complexion more smooth and bright.

Experience What Vitamin C Can Do for Your Skin

I hope you are ready to upgrade your skincare routine with Vitamin C. At Botanical Rush we use only the highest quality & professional strength, clean ingredients so you can be confident our products will work effectively with guaranteed results.

Our C Perfection Serum is just one of our professional strength formulas boasting clinical potencies in a stabilized base. We invite you to try our C Perfection Serum and uncover the healthy, beautiful skin of your dreams.

Written by Myra Mesko

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