Winter Skin Saving Routine

Here it is again, the Winter Skin Blues that everyone is calling me about.  Let me help you understand why we have dryer skin in the winter.  It usually is a complaint by people who live in colder climates.  You see, the body’s natural mechanism to save caloric output during colder temps includes reserving the production of oil in the skin. In the summer, when it is hot out, most complain about their skin being excessively oily, due to the body’s natural increase in sebaceous gland activity to “cool” the body.  So, if you live in a cooler climate and suffer during the winter months, get the body moving with exercise and that will help rev up the production of oil internally. Eat more avocados and healthy fats in addition to using oils topically.  I recommend trying Divine Beauty Oil, it is a blend of nutrient rich pumpkin, cranberry, and pomegranate seed oils offering fatty acids and powerful nutrition in addition to protective antioxidants.  I have been asked, “will it make me break out?”.  No, this beautiful formula also contains 100mg of organic full-spectrum hemp extract which will encourage the normalization of your own oil production while neutralizing infection-causing bacteria on the skin.

Don’t skip cleansing, I know it gets dark early and it is easy to want to get to bed and snuggle in for the night, but if you just take 60 more seconds after brushing your teeth to cleanse and nourish your skin, it will be protected from warm air in your home from furnaces and fireplaces.


Celebrate Your Skin™!

Myra Michelle
Founder/Botanical Rush

Written by Myra Mesko

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